DECOL is abbreviation of Digital Experience Collective.

DECOL, an award winning multi-disciplinary creative establishment, was brought to life to create memorable concepts and surprising ideas. We are delivering smart solutions combined with arts, entertainment, technology and science.

We analyse the DNA of our clients, then form inhouse teams based on the project. We make conceptual designs and build targeted perceptions accordingly.

Our legal structure is cooperative. This makes us function easily on commercial and non-commercial side of the creative industry.

We operate through collaboration among worldwide artists, designers, brands, agencies, cultural and arts institutes.

We focus on design, digital production, immersive experiences, virtual reality, augmented reality, game technologies and innovative technologies.
Our expertise covers the following subjects:

Experience Design | Interactive Design | Immersive Installations | VR Production | AR Production

Motion Design | Animation | Promotional Video | Music Video

Event Design | Live Audio/Visual/Light Shows | Stage Design

Software Design | Custom Software | AR / VR Applications

Sound Design

Production and Project Management

“DECOL is the ‘new media organism’ which crossbreeds digital arts with its own gene pool.”


DECOL was established under VCD department of İstanbul Bilgi University as a new media arts management project;
funded by ISTKA Creative Istanbul Calls during 2014-2015 period.

We designed our structure in a way to supply the needs of artists and entrepreneurs.

We aim to create secure environments for creatives, such as the new media lab.

Interactive web experiments at our page are made with


19 Mayıs Mh. Yıldız Sk. STFA Blokları
No:19 Kadıköy, Istanbul

Lohmühlenstraße 65, 12435 Berlin

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