Coca-Cola Energy Drink Launch


When Coca-Cola launched their new energy drink product in Turkey, the marketing team wanted to create a spontaneous mapping project around iconic places in Istanbul and a launch party in a ruined shipyard area. On the other hand, the brand asked us to use the launch jingle's global music as the launch show's music, Party Favor - Circle Up (feat. Bipolar Sunshine), which is not proper for an impressive mapping show.


After our venue recces, we offered the brand to use the ruined machines in the oldest shipyard monumental venue as facades for the projection mapping show. We created a partially immersive experience area with the help of the different locations of the machines in the platform.

We created a storyline that flows between different surfaces with the drink's fantastic production process. We've designed the motion graphics to revive the machines as they are responsible for the drink's production. In addition, a service band was physically implemented and served the actual coke energy boxes. Alican Okan created the music and sound design by using the sound elements of metal can drinking experiences—opening sounds, drinking sounds, machinery productions, etc.

Design & Direction: DECOL
Sound Composition & Music Arrangement: Alican Okan


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