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Continuum is a performance where technology and art converge in perfect harmony. A symphony orchestra of 50 musicians breathes life into the performance with their live musical prowess. The orchestra's melodies seamlessly intertwine with the movements of the robots, the play of lights, and the overall visual symphony, amplifying the power of artistic expression.

This performance video encapsulates the fusion of technology and art, pushing the boundaries of innovation. The impeccable integration of Kuka robots, music, lights, and visual elements delivers an unforgettable experience for viewers.

This video showcases a meticulously choreographed performance featuring Kuka robots equipped with laser devices that move in flawless synchronization with the projected visuals on the stage. The robots' precise movements and the interplay of laser beams transport viewers into a realm of wonder and awe.

Commissioned by TOGG
Executive Producer (İdari Yapımcı): Neva
Producer: DECOL Media Arts Studio
Show Design & Direction (Şov Tasarımı ve Yönetmen): DECOL Media Arts Studio
Set Producer & Production Design (Set Prodüksiyonu ve Tasarımı): DECOL Media Arts Studio & Move-In Black
Visual Art Concept Artworks: Amir Ahmedoğlu
Visuals: Amir Ahmedoğlu, Burak Dirgen, Stanislav Glazov
Robot Choreography (Robot Koreografi): DECOL Media Arts Studio & Efe Gozen
Orchestra Conductor: Mehmet Ünal
Technical Artists (Teknik Santçılar): DECOL, Stanislav Glazov & Burak Dirgen
Robotic Programming (Robot Programlama): Efe Gözen
Light Design (Işık Tasarımı) & Production Design: Move in Black - M.I.B Light
Production Manager (Prodüksiyon Yöneticisi): Nebi Cihan Çankaya
Mechanic Solutions (Mekanik Çözümler): Kinetron Technologies
Documentation Shooting, Editing & Video Arts (Dökümantasyon Çekim, Kurgu ve Video Sanatı): 8 Interaction
Music & Sound Design Studio: Tilde Studio
Event Engineering (Etkinlik Mühendisi): DECOL Media Arts Studio & Move-In Black
Robot Integrations Support (Robotic Entegrasyon): Robo Team

Special thanks to Alican Okan for the endless effort of the venue process.


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