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DECOL created interactive area by Nohlab’’s direction & design for 65 metersquare floor and ceiling by realtime 6K graphic generation using calibrated data of 6 laser scanners and 11 projectors for the World Government Summit.

As a scientific approach to experience design, we combined several fluid physics algoritms and mathematical formulas to create the realtime graphics for interaction visuals

Stills from the Engagement Area of Nohlab’s design & direction, at The Edge of Government Exhibition @ World Government Summit 2019, 10-12 Feb. Thanks to Decol for their priceless collaboration in the creation of interactive area.

The interactive area on the exit inspires people to engage with what they had only observed before.

There’s a real-time fluid simulation flowing when there’s nobody around, sensors track human positions in the area, a custom code helps generate particles based on people’s position and movements. This way, all the people become particle emitters, generating a power fields that affects both the visual, and other people’s traces of interaction. People could shape their surroundings with their force and energy fields.

Direction & Design: Nohlab

Production Company & Spatial Design: Designlab Experience

Client: Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation

Creative Agency: Conspiracy Sync.

Interaction Area Design: Decol & Nohlab

Interaction System & Creative Coding: Decol

Sound Design: Gökalp Kanatsız

Technical Production: Neumann Mueller

Thanks to: Yilling Zhou, Moudhi Al Touq, TeamLab, 3 Monkeys


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