Our co-founder and creative director Ahmet Said Kaplan has been creating visual concepts and contents for world-famous techno producer Jon Gaiser since 2014.

Here are some words from Ahmet about the show:

“If you look at Gaiser’s music with a microscope, you will first see the organic life forms in it. The vibrations of the micro-biological organisms constitute the basic elements in Gaiser’s music.

As the performance begins with two live-performance artists, one visual and one auditory, pursuing each other like a DNA spiral, this pursuing either creates an infinite loop, or a constantly advancing bio-technological evolution..

This flow of information creates unanticipated micro-biological organisms with the help of the intersect between light and sound. It embeds an unknown, 2 hour long bio-digital experience in audience’s perception.

Every single performance induces a void in space and time and leads to a unique path, as though the story stays the same..”


19 Mayıs Mh. Yıldız Sk. STFA Blokları
No:19 Kadıköy, Istanbul

Lohmühlenstraße 65, 12435 Berlin

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