Interactive Installation

Hakan Gündüz & Hazal Döleneken

HARAKA; is an interactive installation based on audio-visual process. It exists only if someone observes. Haraka as a result is an open work based on (conscious- unconscious) decision of audience. Each form (space) and movement (time) creates unique audio – visual experience.

This vivace process composed for movement and transforms their form and movements to particle structure. In this installation; audiences transform numbers and energy to an art form and composition by their movement via Max Msp, OpenFrameworks and OpenCV. ‘HARAKA’ interactive installation exhibited in Contemporary İstanbul 2016 and Heterotopia Exhibition Rem Artspace 2017

Documentation : Melih Kundakçıoğlu

Video Editing: Mert Uzbaşlı


19 Mayıs Mh. Yıldız Sk. STFA Blokları
No:19 Kadıköy, Istanbul

Lohmühlenstraße 65, 12435 Berlin

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