We conceptualised ,directed and designed an experience path for Hasanpaşa Gazhanesi Energy Museum located at Kadikoy. Hasanpasa Gazhanesi is an old gasworksbuilding complex that consists of 4 buildings and a machine which is designed as a building. Building complex, has been restored by Gürsoy Group and consulted by Istanbul Technical University. Since several decades, Gasworks Museum labeled as a very extraordinary industrial heritage of Istanbul.

We created several digital installation concepts combined with analog recreations to explain energy history of Turkey and Istanbul. We designed installations with the idea of combining modern and old design styles. Those combinations let us to create unique and new ways for museum storytelling for both heritages of museum,, importance of location and various energy forms.

We used a variety of new media technologies as main elements to remind and illustrate the knowledge of the gasworks building and energy types. We attempted to create a museum that surprise audience and observe the narratives in an original style. As a result, we created an attraction center for the audience, to let them learning new subjects and experience the different aspects of design in every single visit.


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